Colour my life with the chaos of trouble

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Ebba, 18, Sweden.

I like Tom Odell and The 1975 and Bastille and whistling.


my personality is 30% the last movie I watched

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when im a parent i won’t take my kid’s electronics when they get in trouble i’ll just take the charger so i can watch the fear in their eyes as they use it less and less while the battery slowly begins to run out

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When ur hair won’t listen to you and its a mess and ur just like ???? I grew you myself??? I gave you life and this is how you repay me??

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Hi friends this is a little reminder to charge your phone, take your meds, drink enough water, get enough sleep, and listen to lots of music!! Your well-being and happiness is of utmost importance and I hope you take time to take care of yourself.

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has it

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*puts thumb between teeth* its a metaphor, you see. you have the power to quarrel, but can choose not to

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i think freckles, stretch marks, tattoos, bruises and birthmarks are probably the coolest thing, you started with almost a blank canvas and look at u now, all this evidence that you’ve lived and the sun has shone on you and you’ve grown and maybe tripped up a few times and liked an image so much u made it a permanent part of u!! beautiful!!!

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why am i only motivated to sort my life out at 3am

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